Foreign Languages

RESULTS - Septeber 15 - ISTEP for New-Coming International Students

Dear New-Coming International Students,

Please find the results of the English Proficiency Exam (ISTEP) for new-coming international students, held on September 15, 2023, in the document below.

Students with the "PASS" status have successfully passed the proficiency exam and can contact their departments to start their studies in their own departments. 

Students with "F1, F2, F3, and F4" statuses will be entered into the Preparatory School and start their Prep. School education in the Fall semester, beginning on October 10. These students should check the class list announcement for the Fall semester that will be posted on this website to find out about their classes, schedules, books, etc. 

Only F1 status students can object to their exam results. If you wish to object to your exam result, please send an email to by September 25, 2023, 11:59 p.m. Make sure to include your name, surname, and student number in your objection email; otherwise, your objection will not be accepted. 

Students who have failed to attend this exam will be offered one more ISTEP exam, which has been already announced in our website. Due to volume, individual emails asking for the exam details will not be replied to, so please check the website regularly.