Foreign Languages

Used Course Materials

Kullanılan Ders Materyelleri

The instructor who develops material for each department and faculty has a theoretical background on the content of the material he / she will develop by communicating with the faculty and faculty member and by conducting field research.

For example, our instructor who develops the English materials of the Faculty of Architecture;

  1. Communicates with the faculty member of the Faculty of Architecture and discusses the course contents,
  2. Conducts a study and performs field research related to architecture,
  3. Acquires the English language content related to architecture, evaluates, selects and transforms it into units and modules with visual and auditory materials and activities covering the four faculties (reading, listening, writing, speaking) to be used in English lessons,
  4. The Faculty of Architecture uses materials developed in the course it itself has developed.

The materials you use provide you with the basic competencies for both your university life and life after graduation in your chosen profession. In addition, in an age where global citizenship is now at the forefront, English has become an indispensable common shared language. It starts from the first semester where with this approach your English education is building a bridge for you to acquire the skills for global citizenship.

In addition, with the awareness that extracurricular time is as important as in-class time in foreign language teaching, we provide you with guidance on what materials you will use and where you will obtain them. We even offer you access to a wealth of foreign language material resources in our university library and on the internet.