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March 14 - Make-up ISTEP for New-coming International Students

Dear new-coming International students,

As previously announced, the make-up exam on March 14 will be held online. You must use one laptop, smartphone, and headphones on the exam day. Our ISTEP exam for International Students has two steps. The first section, the Cambridge placement test (CEPT), will start at 9 am, followed by a writing exam at 12 pm in the same Zoom session. Kindly ensure that you participate in both exams. It is imperative to note that no supplementary exams will be provided if you fail to attend either the CEPT or the writing exam. 

On the exam day, you will need to log in to the Blackboard system with the following information and address:

Website: https://istinye.blackboard.com
Username: yourStudentNumber@stu.istinye.edu.tr
Password: OIS or email password

Please try to log in before the exam. You can access the Blackboard system user guide from the link below:

In order to take the exam, you must follow the exam instructions carefully. Attached, you will find the exam instructions, the students list, and the zoom links. Make sure to check all the documents before the exam and join the correct Zoom meeting.